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  • The industry’s most inclusive warranty
  • Exceptional U-Factor and SHGC ratings
Make the Home you Have the Home you WANT!

Drive down any street in any city and you can tell who has taken the time to really care about their home.  Not only how it looks, but how it performs.  Paint peels and chips, allowing moisture and mold to get behind it and affect the actual structure of your home.  Wood rots, insulation gets soggy and ineffective.  CoolWall® by Tex-Cote will act like an additional layer of protection on your home, it’s hydrophobic, which means that it will repel the water while still allowing the product to “breathe”.  It’s like a new skin around your home that won’t fade or peel off.

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Make the Home you Have the Home you WANT!

CAT Exteriors has more than 30 years of experience.  We can take your home, no matter what issues you are having, and make it the home you dream of.  Whether it is windows, exteriors coating, heating and air conditioning, roofing, or patio covers we can help make your dreams come true.  Lower energy usage; good for the planet, lower energy costs; good for your wallet.  Letting people into your home is tough, we get it.  We have top shelf recommendation from everyone, Facebook, Google, yelp and and top rating with the Better Business Bureau.